How To Join Visalus

How to join ViSalus

Many people ask, ‘How to join ViSalus?’ I apologize but this question cannot be answered without me asking a question, ‘What do you want from ViSalus?’

ViSalus is the leader in nutritious health shakes in the USA. By joining ViSalus you can simply order a Visalus Kit and start a 90 day Challenge to lose weight or add more lean muscle mass. However, ViSalus has been built on the back of its customers through network marketing. Another option is to promote the challenge and get paid by ViSalus for telling people how well it has worked for you.

If you are looking to join Visalus to lose weight we suggest purchasing a get kit and determine the amount of weight you want to lose. There is a couple recommended options;

1)      ARE YOU DETERMINED TO LOSE A LARGE AMOUNT OF WEIGHT QUICKLY DURING THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE (20-50 POUNDS): if you are really committed to losing a large amount of weight quickly then the Fit or Transformation kit is for you. You will drink the Visalus shake as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch and eat a sensible meal for supper.

2)     WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT WITH LITTLE EFFORT OVER THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE (5-15 POUNDS): for those of us that want to lose some weight without much effort the Core, Shape or Balance Kit will do the trick. You will replace your regular morning breakfast with the Visalus shake that tastes like cake as a meal replacement.

3)      PROMOTE THE CHALLENGE AND MAKE MONEY! If you want to help others lose weight you can become a Visalus promoter and promote the challenge to your family and friends for cash. Whether you are looking to capitalize on Visalus’ sell 3 shake bags and get yours free or you want the flexibility of working from home and doing something you love, ViSalus can meet your needs.

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